To all pet owners / Guardians –
Recently some of the pet owners that brought their pet to us have been telling me interesting stories – when ( after their pet had been euthanized ) they wanted to leave to come to us, they were told that they were NOT ALLOWED to take their pet! That they had to use the hospital’s company Because the hospital has “a contract” –  well, that is the Hospital’s decision but it does not obligate you to use their service!
Some folks said they were “delicately” pushed, others – almost BULLIED! 
The FACT  is — NOBODY can tell you what to do with YOUR loved one, your PET ! you may take your pet to any crematorium of your choice !!!
please note that due to this health situation we have had to temporarily suspend home pick up, we still pick up from the hospitals ( covering the whole valley and boulder city ) Also you are always welcome to bring your pet to us directly, we will help you when you get here, be it a lizard, bird. goat, pig, cat or a 160-pound dog.
Some of the urns on the website are not available from time to time – due to the supply situation.
Our New Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8am – 4pm
Sunday 8am – 1pm
Cremation Options:
(1) Individual cremation with tracking, or
(2) Viewing cremation (in this instance) you will witness your pet actually be put into the machine and are able to view that machine on camera during the whole duration of the cremation.  When completed (after a few hours) take your pet home with you immediately, the fee for this process is higher.
For a Viewing cremation  – When you bring your pet – If you decide to have a viewing  –  we can keep your pet (under cold conditions)  while together we will decide on which day this should take place (viewing cremations are performed in the mornings ) sometimes we are able to cremate the very next day including Saturday or Sunday  – (if the machine has not already been booked,) Or if you know when unfortunately your pet will no longer be with us it is best to book the machine at least a day or two or longer ahead of time will ensure that the cremation will be performed on the exact day that you arrange.
Please NOTE that in the event of a cancellation there will be a $45.00 cancellation fee –  if we are not notified 12 hours before the appointment.
Please take a moment to view our Compassionate Pet Cremation video to learn more about us.

Please contact us today if you have any questions.
Compassionate Pet Cremation
401 Mark Leany Drive Henderson, NV 89011
(702) 565-5617


Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we are unable to pick up from homes at this time. You can bring your loved ones to us or we can pick them up from your Veterinary Office.